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Cooped Up Shenanigans Blog

Unsanitary, a Comic Strip

Here is a comic strip I made, you probably can't read it, sadly, but what happens is Bobby sucks his thumb, his mom tells him to go wash his hands, Bobby spreads the germs on his hand to the light switch in the bathroom, washes his hands, then touches the light switch...

“Which Looks More Evil?” A Fun Game

This is the first game I have posted on this website, It is called "Which Looks More Evil?" How to play: there are 3 rounds, in each round there will be 2 sets of eyes each a different, creepy eye color. All you have to do is choose the scarier or creepier eye color....

Some of my Inappropriate Artwork

The picture shown here is a picture of "Lash Power", a narcissist butt with a big anus and eyelashes. The next picture is of another butt trading card called the "Abyssanus", a powerful butt character with an infinite butt pack. If you have any suggestions for what...

Some of My Artwork

These are some examples of the style I use for drawing, even though these aren't really shenanigans I am proud of them.

All About Yellow Chicken

Hello, I am Yellow Chicken. I am the artist of the Chicken family, my dad is who I got it from. I enjoy drawing people, you will see  a lot of  my artwork on this website, many of the pieces you'l see are drawings of butts. Although I love to entertain with art, I...

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